Nano Ring Extensions (0.8g)

Nano Ring Extensions (0.8g)

20" 0.8g 5A Grade 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions With Free Nano Beads!
These are our discontinued 0.8g Nano Ring Extensions range. They are 5A Grade 100% Remy Human Hair, so there is no tangling or matting.
These are tiny, undetectable and can be used on all hair types. Each bundle contains 25 strands and 0.8grams silky straight.

You will need approximately 150-250strands for a full head, depending on the client's hair and the volume they are looking to achieve.


  • To allow your extensions last longer, follow these tips;

    • Never sleep with the extensions wet or damp.
    • Do not massage the scalp during washing, slowly stroke the shampoo into the hair.
    • Wear hair in a plait when sleeping.
    • Separate the bonds daily – try to get it into your morning routine so that you do not forget.


    Wash your extensions with head upright, ideally in a shower. The hair should be gently massage on the scalp with your fingertips, using a light up and down motion. DO NOT wash the hair in circular motions (never rub the hair together) as these can cause tangles or even matting.

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