Micro Ring Extensions (0.8g)

Micro Ring Extensions (0.8g)

TMHair Micro Ring Extensions are 0.8g of 20" 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions. 

Each bundle contains 25strands of top quality extensions. Each bundle contains 25 strands.


You need about 7-8 bundles for a full head.

For your quality Remy Human Hair Micro ring/Micro loop hair extensions.
These Extensions are;
-Relatively easy to apply & remove
-There is no glue or heat involved
-There is no pulling needles or fusion connector wands
-There is little or no damage to hair
-The Micro rings make it Natural & virtually undetectable
-The time taken to fit these extensions is usually less than half the time used to apply other forms of hair extensions.
-The micro ring extensions can be washed, heat styled and colored.

  • To allow your extensions last longer, follow these tips;

    • Never sleep with the extensions wet or damp.
    • Do not massage the scalp during washing, slowly stroke the shampoo into the hair.
    • Wear hair in a plait when sleeping.
    • Separate the bonds daily – try to get it into your morning routine so that you do not forget.


    Wash your extensions with head upright, ideally in a shower. The hair should be gently massage on the scalp with your fingertips, using a light up and down motion. DO NOT wash the hair in circular motions (never rub the hair together) as these can cause tangles or even matting.

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